Today was very interesting and awesome. We went for breakfast at 8:00am in the morning. We were served noodles with fried egg and tea. After the breakfast we went for a lecture delivered by Mr. Emmanuel Titled “One Health Approach and STEM Career Opportunities”. He explained to us what One Health meant. It means the connection between Animal Health, Human Health and Environmental Health. He also gave us some key point. Some of them are Animal Health; the lesser the trees, the lesser the space and competition for food and face. We also learnt   about a disease called Zoonotic which is a diseases that spread between different species e.g. Noval, Corona Virus, rabies, Influenza and so on. He gave us the definition of vaccine and medication, in which he defined vaccine as a shot that is given to prevent or fight against diseases, while medication is a drug given to cure diseases. We also talked about the career opportunities in STEM which are Aerospace Engineering i.e they are people who design aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and also create and text prototypes, Actuaries i.e. they use mathematics to assess the risk of potential events, AI and Computer Scientist, Microbiologist, Mechanical engineer, Chemist, Health and Safety Engineer, Animal Geneticist and so on. After that we went for our lunch where we had Amala with Abula Soup. After our lunch, we came for another session of lecture in which we learn how to build a robotic street light and it was very interesting. We really learn a lot today. Thanks to the STEM Belle organiation. Thanks to Miss. Doreen Anene.

Our Micro bit Components
Taking Notes during Lectures

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