On our third day of bootcamp, we finished our website designing by featuring images and creating our group logo. We learnt about sexual reproductive health for excelling girls in STEM, after which we learnt about adolescence. We also learnt about menstruation health and hygiene, female reproductive system, teenage pregnancy. We learnt that if any man or boy is disturbing or distracting you, we should be confident to say it out to those that are older than us. We had a little competition. We had an interactive and interesting session after that we had after which we had a short break. After we were back, we go into the lecture of robot. A robot is a work system which makes works easier, faster, it saves energy and also saves labour. A robot can be able to think, act and sense; we built a temperature controlling fan. It was a very exciting experience and we were taught by Miss. Victoria. We learn about the advantages and disadvantages, the basic fundamentals blocks of a robot, the scratch program language and the definition of a language. We did a quiz and our tem also win and we were given our prizes. After that we went to for our dinner and we ate pounded yam with vegetable soup. The food was very very delicious. Thanks to the STEM Belle.

Team Venn Diagram and Chaperone
First Position Prize for the sexual reproductive health quiz

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