Our second day started in a very interesting and amazing day, we woke up early for breakfast by 7:30am in the morning. We were served our breakfast and our breakfast was Parfait and sandwich, the food was so nice. It was our first time of taking it, so it was good. Then we went for a 30 minutes break, which we came back by 9:00am. Then the opening speech was conducted by Mr. Aderibigbe Oluwatosin. The opening prayer was led by Adekoya Eniola, from Community High School, Ologuneru. We had two visitors which were the Representative for the Permanent Secretary & Director of Applied Science Technology (AS&T) in person of Mr. T.T. Jinadu, also The Representative for The Principal of Community High School, Ido in person of Mr. E. F. Owoeye.

Our STEM Model

“What God can do, you can also do it, it not a sin cause God created you and he wanted you to continue the creation” By E. F. Owoeye. I also learnt that we should let the good method of our role model motivate us. Don’t be intimidated. Then we went for the launch we were served Beans, Dodo and Fried Chicken. It was interesting. After launch, we went for a 10 minute break, after that, we came back and went for a class section where we were taught to design/create a websites and how to customize our websites. The websites training was held by Miss. Folashade and Mr. Joseph. I found this class so sumptuous and splendid. They taught us how to log in into the admin and how to post on our websites and uploads pictures. I found it interesting that there was a class given to us to go through and it involves prize giving. The classwork was all about downloading a templates installing it, activating and publishing it. The name of the template is Shuttle Corporate, eventually, our team, Venn Diagram won it prize, it was so amazing and our gifts was presented to us  and we took pictures with our gifts.

Team Venn Diagram brainstorming on ideas.
Team Venn Diagram collecting our prize

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