Our Arrival to camp

Our first day at Boot camp was very interesting, It starting from our school when the STEM Belle Representative came to pick us and our journey to the Boot camp was exciting. Miss Doreen Anene welcomed us. We dropped our bags orderly and went to queue for the Covid – 19 test. The Covid – 19 test was not really painful but some students made it actually looks like it was painful so we became scared. However, our result came out negative which made the experience worthwhile.

During our covid-19 test

After the Covid–19 test, we were given an identity card, a bag with different colours which represented our group team after that we were grouped into different rooms Before we went to the rooms, we were given some light snacks which is small chops with soft drinks. Then, we went to our various rooms to freshen up and change into our dinner gowns. After that, we were taken to the dinner hall and we were served fried rice with sauce, plantain, chicken and juice. Then we were addressed by Mrs Doreen Anene told us why and when she started the STEM Belle and her mission and vision for the organization. we enjoyed it so much. We were also taught the rain clap, the NEPA clap, Love clap and chicken republic clap. It was so interesting and we went back to our hostel to sleep. We bonded very well even if we were from different schools because we are loving, caring, and we correct each other’s mistake. We also met our chaperone. They are Miss. Dora and Mrs Bolaji Ojo who were very nice and good to us.

members of the team meeting and getting to know each other during the dinner
A Delicious Dinner

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