We woke up around 5.00am,had our bath and prepare for breakfast today we went for breakfast we eat bread bean cake [akara] and tea then we did the first section here prince Ishola taught us about the personal development we were taught growth progress and positive change he also taught us the three laws of personal development.

The first law is the law of decision, the second law is the law of foresight, the third law is the law of motivation, he gave us a quiz then we went for another section which Mr. Odika Austin from Canada he taught us about effective communication and emotional intelligence he also gave us key word which are; communication, emotional or channel intelligence. He asked us some question but Drone team and hard-heart and engine won the prize. After that we went into another session where Ms. Jane Mclauren from Australia taught us the virtues and legacy of STEM Belle, then we had a class-work after which we had dinner and it was porridge and fish.

Team Venn Diagram paying attention and taking notes in class
Team Venn Diagram and our Ringbit car
Our Ringbit Car

After dinner, the robotics competition started and we were made to do the robots ourselves. It was so exciting and an amazing experience. Team PI came first, our team VENN DIAGRAM came second alongside Team Hard-hat and engine while Team Molecule came fourth. This made us qualifiers for the next round of the competition.

Today was one of the most exciting days on camp and so far we’ve been having fun while learning, unlearning and relearning just as Mr. Odika Austin taught us and we really want to thank the STEM Belle organization for this opportunity. We are truly grateful and we would always cherish these experience forever.

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