OUR STEM MODEL – Dr. Angela Tabiri

Ms Angela Tabiri graduated from AIMS Ghana in 2014. Since a young age, Ms. Angela has been motivated by her dream of becoming a teacher. Her primary and junior high schools in Ghana both lacked libraries, and with her family in a basic house there was no quiet space to study at home. Determined to

Our Fifth Day at STEM Belle Boot camp

We woke up around 5.00am,had our bath and prepare for breakfast today we went for breakfast we eat bread bean cake [akara] and tea then we did the first section here prince Ishola taught us about the personal development we were taught growth progress and positive change he also taught us the three laws of

The Fourth Day on the Bootcamp

Today was very interesting and awesome. We went for breakfast at 8:00am in the morning. We were served noodles with fried egg and tea. After the breakfast we went for a lecture delivered by Mr. Emmanuel Titled “One Health Approach and STEM Career Opportunities”. He explained to us what One Health meant. It means the

Our Third day at STEM Belle Boot Camp

On our third day of bootcamp, we finished our website designing by featuring images and creating our group logo. We learnt about sexual reproductive health for excelling girls in STEM, after which we learnt about adolescence. We also learnt about menstruation health and hygiene, female reproductive system, teenage pregnancy. We learnt that if any man

Our Second Day at STEM Belle Boot Camp

Our second day started in a very interesting and amazing day, we woke up early for breakfast by 7:30am in the morning. We were served our breakfast and our breakfast was Parfait and sandwich, the food was so nice. It was our first time of taking it, so it was good. Then we went for

Our First Day at STEM Belle Bootcamp

Our first day at Boot camp was very interesting, It starting from our school when the STEM Belle Representative came to pick us and our journey to the Boot camp was exciting. Miss Doreen Anene welcomed us. We dropped our bags orderly and went to queue for the Covid – 19 test. The Covid –

Our First Web Design Class

Firstly, we learned how to design a website. A website is a collection of web pages. My group venn-diagram designed and customized websites for the first time. We use google chrome and wordpress. We really enjoyed the class. It was an interactive class. Our Second Web Design Class